ME-80: Manual Mode and Memory (Patch) Mode

Tags: effects,pedals,patches,on/off

There are two main operating Modes in the ME-80 - Manual Mode, and Memory Mode.

In Memory Mode,  effect combinations and settings are stored in locations referred to as "Patches."  Patches are stored in groups of four, each of which is contained in a “Bank.” There are 36 permanent factory Preset Patch locations, and 36 User locations to write your own patches. In the display, Preset Patch banks are shown  with a “P,” while User Patch Banks begin with “U." (For example, "P3" or "U3"). Since the desired effects settings and on/off status can be stored into the patches, Memory mode makes it easy to call up numerous stored effect settings with just the press of a pedal.   

Manual Mode lets you use the bank and numbered pedals to turn the effect categories (i.e. OD/DS, MOD, DELAY, etc.,) on or off  individually. Using this mode is similar to having individual compact pedal effects.
To select either Manual Mode or Memory Mode, press the MEMORY/MANUAL pedal. When you're in Memory mode, the selected bank number will show in the display. When in Manual Mode, the green LED lights next to "MANUAL."