RMP-12: Using Coach Mode

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The RMP-12's Coach Mode has a variety of different metronome exercises that can help improve your timing and playing abilities. Use the following steps to try out an exercise:

1. Press the COACH button - "TimeScore" appears in the display.

2. Press the ENTER button.

3. Press ENTER again to choose EASY or HARD.

4. Turn the -/+ knob clockwise to select "Meas" (measure).

5. Press ENTER.

6. Turn the -/+ knob to choose 8,16,32 or 64 measures.

7. Press ENTER once so that COACH is flashing in the display.

8. Turn the -/+ knob clockwise to "Tempo."

9. Press ENTER.

10. Turn the -/+ knob to adjust the tempo (20-300).

11. Press ENTER.

12. Turn the -/+ knob clockwise so that [START] shows in the display.

13. Press ENTER to start the exercise.

14. Play on the pad to the metronome. When the exercise is finished, your score shows in the display.

15. Press COACH when you're finished with Coach Mode.