XV-2020: Connecting the XV-2020 to a Computer

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Use the following procedure to connect the XV-2020 to a computer via USB:

Note: Install the XV software from the XV Editor CD-ROM onto your computer before connecting the computer to the XV-2020. See Pages 13-30 in the XV-2020 Owner’s Manual for information on your specific setup.

1. After the software has been installed, connect a USB cable from the USB connector on the front panel of the XV-2020 to one of the USB connectors on your computer.

2. Follow the remaining directions onscreen and in the XV-2020 Owner’s Manual to complete the setup.

Note: You can connect the XV-2020 to your computer using a MIDI interface instead of a direct USB connection to operate the XV-2020 strictly as a MIDI sound module. If you do so, you don’t have to install the XV Editor software unless you wish to use it.