WinZip: How to Use WinZip

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When a file's downloaded from the internet, it usually consists of several files compressed (or "zipped") into one in order to keep their size small, and the download simple. You'll need to uncompress, or "extract," the zipped file to return its files back to their original form for use.

The latest version of Windows XP has its own built-in decompression utility. However, if you're using WinZip (available from use the following steps to "unzip" a downloaded driver file for a Roland/BOSS product.

1. Double-click on the downloaded .zip file.

2. Unless you've purchased WinZip, or it came with your Windows system, click "Use Evaluation Version" to open WinZip.

3. If you get the message "Welcome to the WinZip Wizard!" or you don't see the Extract button at the top of the menu, click on WinZip Classic.

4. Click Extract.

5. Under Folders/Files, left-click and drag your mouse on the slide bar at the side of the window to move it all the way up until you see "Desktop."

6. Click Desktop below Folders/Files.

7. Click Extract.

8. Click the red "X."

Note: There's now a new folder on your desktop that contains the name of the product whose driver you've downloaded. When you run the Hardware Wizard later, you'll refer back to this folder.