TD-15: Adjusting X-Talk Cancel (Crosstalk)

Tags: xtalk,trigger

When two or more pads are mounted to the same stand, hitting one pad may trigger the sound from another pad unintentionally. This is referred to as "Crosstalk." Increasing the Crosstalk Cancel (X-TALK CANCEL) value for a pad can help reduce the possibility of crosstalk.
Use the following procedure to adjust the Crosstalk Cancel for a pad in the TD-15:

1. Press the MENU button.

2. Press the cursor down button until the "SYSTEM" icon shows in the display. 

3. Press Function button 3 (ENTER).

4. Use the cursor up / down buttons to highlight "Pad  Settings."

5. Press button 3 (ENTER).

6. Press button 3 again (ADVANCED).

7. Press cursor down to highlight "XTALK CANCEL."  

8. Hit the pad that's being inadvertently triggered by another. For example, if you hit one of the tom pads and it triggers one of the crash pads, you'll want to increase the X-Talk Cancel for the crash pad. 

9. When you're finished, press EXIT. The new settings are saved automatically.

Important note: Using higher values of X-talk cancel can occasionally produce trigger problems for a pad. If this occurs, lower the X-TALK value for the pad.