GR-50: Loading Factory Files

Tags: bulk,gr-50,data
Use the following steps to transfer the original factory files into the GR-50:

1. Confirm that the switch on the back panel of the GR-50 is set to "MIDI."

2. Connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI Out of the Sequencer or MIDI interface, to the MIDI In on the GR-50.

3. Press the SYSTEM button - "System / Mem Protect = On" shows in the display.

4. Press the VALUE + or - button until Memory Protect is set to "Off."

5. Press the PARAM A UP [GROUP] button until "System / Exclu Unit # = 17" shows in the display. If the display shows a number other than 17, press the VALUE +/- button until it does.

6. Play the data from the Sequencer / MIDI player.
Note: The display will not indicate that the GR-50 is receiving system exclusive data.

7. Once all the files have been sent, the GR-50 will return the the play menu.