me70, ME-70: DELAY List

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The following is the DELAY list for the ME-70:

1-99ms: This is a delay of 1 to 99ms (milliseconds), which is ideal for a doubling effect.

100-990ms: This delay has a delay time of 100 to 990ms (milliseconds).

1000-6000ms: This is a delay of 1000 to 6000ms (milliseconds), which is suited to special effects.

ANALOG: This produces a mild analog delay sound.

REVERSE: This produces the effect of playback in reverse.

CHO + DELAY: This produces chorus and delay effects at the same time. (The settings for chorus cannot be changed.)

MOMENTARY: Delay is activated only while the DELAY pedal is pressed.

TAP: This determines the delay time by using the pedal.

PHRASE LOOP: This lets you record a performance and play it back repeatedly. This is useful for both live performances and practice sessions.