SI-24 is not communicating with Logic RPC?

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Make sure that you have the most recent drivers for RPC-1 which you can get from
At the site, go to the Drivers pulldown menu and select RPC-1 and follow thru with the download and install.

If the SI-24 is not communicating with the Logic RPC Pro software, try these troubleshooting procedures:

1. Power the SI-24 off.

2. Hold CH SELECT 2 & STATUS 2 while powering the unit on.

3. Power the SI-24 off, then on again.

4. On the SI-24, hold SYSTEM and press L5.

5. In the Logic RPC Pro software, go to the Options menu
and select Control Surfaces > Scan.

If the SI-24 still won't communicate with Logic RPC Pro, continue with the following procedure:

6. In Logic RPC, go to FILE and select OPEN.

7. Answer DON’T CLOSE to the message about closing the
current file.

8. Direct to C Drive->Program files->Emagic->LogicRPC and
select the autoload.lso file.