AX-Synth: Initializing - Restoring the Factory Settings

Tags: factory,ax-synth
The following procedure will clear the internal memory and reload the factory settings:

(CAUTION!!!!: All USER information will be lost!!! Be sure to back up any information you wish to keep!!!)

1. While holding down the VARIATION INC/+ + DEC/- plus TONE
7 / ORGAN/CLAVI) buttons and turn on the AX-Synth.

NOTE: The display will show the "FCt" message and the WRITE button will begin flashing.

2. Press the WRITE button to load the factory settings.

NOTE: All indicators will begin flashing.

(3) Wait until the "dne" message appears in the display,
then switch the AX-Synth off, wait a few seconds, and switch it back on.

Note: Never switch off the AX-Synth while the WRITE button is still lit, doing so may damage the unit.