R-8, R-8MKII: Using SN-R-8 Sound Cards

Tags: r-8,r-8mkii
Use the following procedure to load the SN-R8 sound cards into memory:

1) Insert the SN-R-8 card into the MEMORY CARD 1 (ROM) slot.
2) Press [CARD].
3) Press [4] for "LOAD ROM." If you do not see a menu to select 4, press
[EXIT] followed by [4].
4) Press [1] to load the sounds from the SN-R-8 card or press [2] to load the
sounds and demonstration song from the SN-R-8 card. Be aware that if you select
2 you will erase the current songs in memory.
5) Press [ENTER] to confirm your selection. The message "COMPLETED" will be
displayed on the screen.
6) In order for a SN-R-8 card to be used in a Pattern or Song, it must be
assigned to a pad in one of the Pad Banks. Press [INSTRUMENT ASSIGN] followed
by the [1]. If you do not see a menu to select 1, press [EXIT] followed by the
[1] button.
7) Press the Pad you wish to assign the Card sound to. Make sure you are in
the desired Pad Bank.
8) Move the VALUE SLIDER to change the current value to E1 through E26.
9) After you have finished assigning sounds, press [SONG] to return to Play