RM-700 - Selecting Song Parts Displayed in DigiScore


A Standard MIDI File can contain up to 16 tracks or parts. The RM-700 DigiScore feature can selectively display one or two of these tracks or parts at a time. When playing back MIDI files that you have created or MIDI files that you have downloaded from online sources, it is possible that DigiScore may not display the desired "parts" of the file. Use the following procedure to change which parts of a song will be displayed in the DigiScore screen:

1. Press the DigiScore button so it is lit.

2. Press the Menu button so it is lit.

3. Touch the RIGHT > page arrow icon to select page 3 on the touch screen

4. Touch the - / + icons to change the settings on the various options of the DigiScore menu.

NOTE: The factory settings are:

- Grand Staff is set to "Upper & Lower."

- Upper Part is set to "Right Track."

- Lower Part is set to "Left Track."

NOTE: If you leave the Grand Staff set to "Upper & Lower" you will be able to set the Upper and Lower Parts to any of the 16 available MIDI channels.