How do I select an effect for the VS8F-3 using a VGA monitor and mouse?

Tags: vs-2400,vs-2480,vs-2000,vs8f-3,load,effect,select
Once a Plug-In program is installed onto your hard drive you will be able to load it to your VS8F-3. You can load up to two effects at a time per VS8F-3 depending on the effect plug in. Some effects will only allow one effect to be loaded to the card at a time. To select an effects patch use the following procedure:

1) Click on EFFECT.

2) Click on the EFFECT number that you want to select the patch for.

3) Click on F1(PLUG-IN)

4) Click on F5(SELECT)

5) Click on F3(PATCH)

6) Highlight the effect patch that you want to use then click on F5(SELECT)

7) Click on F4(EDIT) to make any desired adjustments to the effect.

8) Click F6(EXIT) to exit the edit menu.