VS-1880: Routing an Input to One Track when the Stereo Pair is Unlinked

Tags: vs-1880
The VS-1880 is an 18-track recorder with 12 individual faders. Therefore, tracks 7-18 are linked as stereo pairs. It is possible, however, to record to the tracks individually. First, unlink the tracks. The following procedure describes how to route an input to one track of the stereo pair. Tracks 7/8 are used as an example.

Routing INPUT 1 to Track 8:

1. Hold down the SHIFT button and then hold down the STATUS button for tracks 7/8 (the "Input Assign" screen should be displayed at this time).

2. While holding down these two buttons, press the (top row) SELECT CH EDIT button for input 1. In the "Input Assign" screen the top row number one box should have a line that connects to the middle row number eight box.

3. Release both buttons.

4. Hold the SHIFT button down again and press the STATUS button for 7/8 until the STATUS button turns to flashing red. When the SHIFT button is released the STATUS button will revert back to the status of Track 7.

5. Make sure the level of INPUT 1 is at it's desired level and proceed to record to Track 8.

Note: The track that needs the SHIFT function is outlined in a white box. (Even-numbered tracks)