VS-1680, VS-1880, VS-1824CD: Optimal Recording Levels- Inputs

Tags: input,vs-1680,vs-1880,recording,vs-1824cd,levels
Good recording levels are directly related to a loud level final mix and, in turn, to a loud level CD. When adjusting recording levels it is important to watch your meters, not necessarily the position of the actual faders. Here are a few helpful hints toward achieving a good recording level.

The first step to good recording levels is adjusting the input sensitivity. These are the 1-8 knobs at the top-left of the workstation. Above and slightly left of the input sensitivity knobs are the Clip lights. When monitoring an input, these should flicker red occasionally.

Switch the FADER/MUTE button so that it indicates "IN". This means the faders are controlling the Input Mixer. While looking at the LCD screen, press your page button so that it says "LM IN" above the F2 button. Press the F2 button to select "LM IN". This changes the meters to read the input level. The level indicated here is the level that is going to be recorded. Raise and lower the faders to increase or decrease this level.

The meter reads from 0 db and below. Anything beyond 0 db is considered distorting. Therefore, the dashes in the meter are negative numbers. For recording an input, the level should be bouncing between -4 and -12 in the input meter. This is considered to be a good recording level.