MC-09: Recording a Pattern

Tags: sequencer,mc-09
The MC-09’s step sequencer can create lead, bass and rhythm patterns. There are 20 user locations in which you can store your patterns. Use the following procedure to record a pattern:

1. Press the LEAD,BASS or RHYTHM button.

2. Press INC or DEC to select a user pattern, U01-U20.

3. Press DISPLAY until TONE/TYPE is lit.

4. Press INC or DEC to select a sound, and then press EXIT.

5. Press the SEQ REC button.

6. Press SETUP and then REST to clear the pattern.

7. Press INC or DEC to select a 1-bar pattern.

8. Press EXIT, then press SEQ REC to begin recording.

9. Press any of the 1-16 step buttons.

Note: Each step button you press will advance the sequence toward the 16th step (end of pattern).

10. Press STOP twice.

11. Press PLAY [>].