RC-50: Recording a Phrase

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The RC-50 contains two playback modes:
• Single Mode —lets you play back phrases one at a time. This allows you to record three different song sections (verse, chorus, and bridge, for example) and play each section individually.

• Multi Mode—lets you play Phrases 1, 2 and/or 3 at the same time. You can record, for example, a drum part in one phrase, a bass in another, a guitar in the other, and then play them back together in any combination, or by themselves.
Here’s how to record phrases in Single Mode:

1. Turn the MASTER LEVEL knob counterclockwise to turn down the master level.

2. Connect the output of your guitar, instrument, or pedal rig to the RC-50’s rear-panel INST R(MONO) and L jacks, or to the R(MONO) INPUT jack if you want to record in mono.

3. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to select an unused patch for recording. When you choose a patch, the PHRASE 1 pedal’s orange indicator lights solidly, and the red indicators on the PHRASE 1 and REC/PLAY/OVERDUB pedals flash.

4. Press the SINGLE/MULTI mode button repeatedly until the SINGLE/MULTI and LOOP SYNC indicators aren’t lit.

5. Turn the INST (INPUT LEVEL) knob to adjust your recording level.

6. Turn the MASTER LEVEL knob clockwise to adjust your listening level.

7. Turn the GUIDE LEVEL knob until “Guide Level OFF” appears in the display.

8. Step on the REC/PLAY/OVERDUB pedal to start recording—the PHRASE 1 and RECORD/PLAY/ OVERDUB pedal indicators light red.

9. Perform the desired phrase.

10. When you’re finished, step on the REC/PLAY/ OVERDUB pedal to stop recording. The indicator on the REC/PLAY/OVERDUB pedal changes to green and the phrase you recorded plays automatically. You can adjust the volume of the phrase by turning the PHRASE 1 LEVEL knob.

11. To add more material to Phrase 1, step on the
REC/PLAY/OVERDUB pedal again – the indicator changes to orange. This means the RC-50 is overdubbing: recording new material without erasing what you’ve already recorded.

12. To stop recording, step on the REC/PLAY/ OVERDUB pedal so its indicator is green — the RC-50 plays your original recording and the overdub together.

13. When you’re finished, press the STOP pedal.

14. To record Phrase 2 and Phrase 3, step on the desired phrase pedal that you want to record to, and then follow Steps 8-13 above.