GR-20: Selecting and Auditioning Patches

Tags: tones,sounds,gr-20
The GR-20’s preset Patches are grouped in ten “Banks” by type, with individual patches numbered within each Bank. Use the following steps to select and try out some of the patches in the GR-20:

1. Turn the LEVEL (volume) knob on the GR-20’s back panel to “MAX.”

2. Turn the GK-3’s pickup volume clockwise.

3. Turn the BANK dial to select “PIANO.”

4. Turn the VALUE dial to select “06.”

5. Confirm that the GR-20’s EXP pedal is in the “toe forward” position.

6. Now play your guitar. Experiment with your playing technique. Try plucking the strings instead of strumming.

7. Now turn the BANK dial to select “ORGAN/Kb” and turn the VALUE dial to select “01.”

8. Play your guitar. While you’re playing the patch use the EXP pedal to control the “rotary speaker” effect.

9. Turn the BANK dial to select RHYTHM/PERC and the VALUE dial to “31.”

10. Play the Low E string and then press and hold the HOLD pedal. While the loop is playing back, play the other strings.

11. Continue to select and audition other great patches in the GR-20 if desired.

Tip: You can also use the S1 / S2 buttons on the GK to scroll through patches.