TD-12, TD-12S-BK, TD-12S-WT: Assigning a Different Midi Channel to Each Pad in a Kit

Tags: edit,td-12s-bk,td-12,td-12s-wt
Each pad can be assigned to transmit on a different MIDI channel in a Drum Kit. This includes having a different channel assigned for the head and rim individually. Use the following steps to assign a specific MIDI channel to a pad:

1. Select a Drum Kit to edit.

2. Press the INST button.

3. Press F4 (CONTROL).

4. Press F3 (MIDI)

5. Press CURSOR UP or Down to select "TX Channel".

6. Press the TRIGGER SELECT LOCK button so it is un-lit.

7. Hit the pad to be set. If assigning the head, hit the head portion of the pad. If assigning the rim, hit the rim of the pad.

8. Turn the VALUE dial to select a desired MIDI channel.

9. Repeat steps 7-8 for the remaining pads if desired.

10. Press KIT when finished. The assignments are stored automatically.

NOTE: These assignments can be different for each Drum Kit. If you select a different Kit, assignments from the previous Kit will not be carried over.