MC-505: Saving Edited Patterns

Tags: mc-505
When edits are made to the currently selected pattern on the MC-505,
the edited pattern is moved to a "temporary" pattern area.
Since the temporary area is volatile RAM memory
(its contents are erased when another pattern is edited or when the unit is
turned off),
the pattern must be saved to a User or Card memory location for subsequent
Use the following procedure to write patterns to a User or Card memory location:

1) If the pattern is playing, press STOP.
2) Press PTN/SONG so it is lit.
3) Press WRITE.
4) Press USER or CARD to select the destination bank (CARD can be selected only
if a memory card is inserted in the MC-505).
5) Use the VALUE dial to select the desired destination number.
6) Press the right PAGE button >.
7) Using the VALUE dial to select characters and the PAGE buttons < or > to
move the cursor, assign a name to the pattern.
8) Press ENTER to display "Are You Sure?".
9) Press ENTER again to complete the operation.