UA-25: Recording at 96kHz

Tags: input,record,play,ua-25,96khz
When operating at 96KHz, the UA-25 cannot input (record) and output (play) at the same time. When recording at 96KHz, you need to turn off (unplug) the UA-25 and set the REC/PLAY button on the rear to REC. Turn the UA-25 on ad record. To hear what you've recorded, you need to unplug the UA-25, set the REC/PLAY button to PLAY, then turn the UA-25 back on. Play your 96KHz file on your computer, and you can hear it through the UA-25.

Note: the necessity of switching between REC and PLAY is necessary only at 96KHz. At 48K and 44.1K, the UA-25 will record and playback simultaneously.