Formatting A Memory Card

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The following procedure will clear the external memory card:

(CAUTION!!!!: All USER information on the external memory card will be lost!!! Be sure to back up any information you wish to keep!!!)

NOTE: Never turn off the power during a format procedure. This may result in corrupted card memory.

Use the following procedure to format a memory card:

1. Insert a memory card.

NOTE: Memory cards (such as a Compact Flash, SD, or Memory Stick) first need to be inserted into a matching PC Card Slot adapter.

2. Press DISK & MEDIA.

3. Touch FORMAT on the display.


NOTE: "All the Data on the EXTERNAL Memory will be lost, Are You Sure?" will be displayed. Be sure to back up any data on the memory card that you wish to keep. It will be erased during the format procedure.

5. Press YES if you wish to proceed.

NOTE: "Working . . ." will be displayed during the format process.

6. When the format procedure is complete, press the EXIT button.