VS-2480CD, VS-2480: Setting Analog Input Levels

Tags: input,vs-2480,vs-2480cd,level,recording
1. Make sure that the input jack's PAD button is in the "up" position.

2. If you are connecting an electric guitar or bass to the GUITAR HI-Z jack (above analog input 16), be sure to lock in the GUITAR HI-Z ON switch.


4. Send some signal into the input jack. The 16 peak indicators - the small row of numbers 1-16 in the top right part of the LCD screen or INPUT CLIP 1-16 in the top right of the VGA monitor - represent the 16 analog inputs.

5. Turn up the jack's SENS knob until its peak indicator lights on the display.

6. Turn the SENS Knob counter-clockwise slightly until the indicator doesn't flash.

7. If you've turned the SENS knob all the way down and the input peak indicator still flashes, Press the jack's PAD button so that it locks in and then repeat step 5 and 6.