Removing annoying playback delay with Logic RPC Pro and SI-24

Tags: delay,vm-3100pro,studio,package,rpc,pro,si-24,vm,mixer,slapback,echo
By default, Logic RPC enables the "Software Monitoring" option. However, this will cause problems when trying to track vocals or instruments in real time, as a slight but audible delay or echo between the input of the VM-3100Pro mixer and the playback of the track onto which the signal is being recorded.

To prevent this from happening, follow these steps:

1. Select "AUDIO HARDWARE AND DRIVERS" from the AUDIO menu.

2. Deselect the "SOFTWARE MONITORING" option on the pop up window.

3. Click "OK" or "DONE", depending on which computer platform you are using.

Now, when you record a track, you should no longer hear this delay.