BR-1180CD: Saving Songs to CD-R/RW (Song Backup)

Tags: cd,archive,song,store,br-1180cd,up,backing
Song Backup allows the song to be copied and stored with all of its' settings and individual tracks onto CD-R/RW. This also allows for your songs to be recovered on other BR-1180CD's.

1. Place a blank CD-R/RW disc in the CD-R/RW drive.
2. When the CD is loaded, press the DATA SAVE/LOAD button.
3. CURSOR to select BACKUP, and then press ENTER.
4. CURSOR to SONG, and then press ENTER.
5. CURSOR to the song you wish to back up and then press ENTER to register the song. If you wish to backup all the songs, cursor to ALL and press ENTER.
6. When you've finished selecting all the songs you want to backup, CURSOR to GO, and then press ENTER.
7. A message will be displayed "Write Speed?X8", press ENTER.
8. Another message will appear,"Write Sure?", press ENTER. The message "Complete!" will appear when finished.