UA-20: SYMPTOM: Not able to hear sound through Garageband

Tags: ua-20
To hear your Garageband projects, we recommend you connect powered speakers or headphones to the UA-20.

1. Go into Apple>System Preferences>Sound and set your Input and Output to the UA-20.
2. Then, go into Garageband>Preferences>Audio/MIDIand set Garageband's audio Input and Output to the UA-20. You will then enjoy true 24 bit sound quality in Garageband as well as iTunes and all your audio applications.

There are two primary notation programs: Sibelius and Finale. Both are somewhat complex programs, but I recommend Finale. It's very flexible and even supports audio-MIDI conversion. We have an excellent relationship with the MakeMusic! (Finale) people and have had great success integrating our products with their products.