SX-700: Bypass

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The Boss SX-700 utilizes a true bypass (the signal is not converted to
digital). This is useful for maintaining a clear sound when effects are not
needed. To bypass the SX-700 from the front panel:

1) Press BYPASS.
2) Press BYPASS again to engage the SX-700.

To bypass the SX-700 from a footswitch:

1) Connect a Boss FS-5L (or other latch-type footswitch) to the BYPASS jack on
the back of the SX-700.
2) Pressing the footswitch will toggle bypass on and off.

To convert bypass into a mute function (no signal will pass through the SX-700):

1) Press UTILITY.
2) Use the PARAMETER [< or >] to select "BYPASS MODE."
3) Use the VALUE dial to select "MUTE."
4) Press EXIT to return to Play mode.