How to transfer FR-7X sets to the FR-8X

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How to transfer FR-7X sets to the FR-8X

The first thing you need to do is export the sets you want from your FR-7X onto a USB stick.  You can export all of your sets, or just select sets if you only want a few.   For instructions on how to do this, check out the knowledge base article titled: "How to export FR-7X sets". As a heads up, the FR-7X sets will be converted into User programs in your FR-8X, and will not transfer over as sets.  If you’ve already don't some programming in the user program banks on your FR-8X, be sure that you know which banks are used, so that you don’t overwrite them with the FR-7X sets.


1) Once you have your desired FR-7X sets on a USB stick, plug it into the FR-8X. 

2) Next, press the menu button. 

3) Now, using the data/enter knob, scroll until you find the Utility menu with the number 15 in the top right hand corner.  Press the data/enter knob to access the Utility parameters. 

4) Use the data/enter knob to scroll until you see the screen that says Import, with the number 15.8 in the top right hand corner. 

5) Press the data/enter knob to highlight the parameter that says “Type”.

 6) At this point, you have to make a decision.  If you want to import all of your FR-7X sets, then rotate until the screen says “FR-7X All SET’s”. If you want to import just a few select sets, rotate the knob until it says “FR-7X Single Set”. 

7) Once you have either all sets or a single set selected, press the menu/write button (screen shot). 

8) Rotate the data/enter knob until you’ve highlighted the set that says “FR-7X_FRS” set. 

9) Press the menu/write button to complete the procedure.


Remember that your FR-7X sets will now be located in the USER program banks, and not as a set in the FR-8X