VS-1824, VS-1880, VS-1680: Bouncing tracks with FX?

Tags: vs-1680,vs-1824,vs-1880,effects,fx,bounce,printing
To bounce tracks with effects is very similar to bouncing tracks ...with one additional step in that you also route the FX RETURN to the tracks you are bouncing too.
Bouncing tracks with effects is also known as PRINTING FX.

Step by Step:

1- Make sure that the TR (TRACK FADER) mode indicator is
2- Hold down the Status button for the TRACK you want to
the next few steps.) The INPUT ASSIGN screen will
appear as you hold down the button.

3- You may want to Press the CLEAR button to clear any
previous routing depending on your application.

4- Press the TRACK SELECT button for each of the TRACKS
you wish to bounce or combine. The TRACK SELECT buttons are the middle row of buttons above the channel faders.
The Screen will show a line drawn from the bottom of
the screen (TRACK CHANNEL) to the middle row of numbers
which is the RECORDING TRACK which is the tracks you are
bouncing too.

5- You can now release holding the STATUS button, set your
levels and arm the track for recording.

If you want to make additional routing, continue repeating all steps above except for STEP-3 which is to clear all routing.

To unselect a routing, you would do the same steps above by holding the STATUS button for the track you are routing too, and press the Input select button again which toggles between being routed and un-routed.