BR-1200CD, BR-1200:Importing Songs From CD to Audio Tracks

Tags: cd,import,tracks,load,songs,capture

The BR-1200CD allows you to import selected songs from an audio CD to audio tracks. The following steps will guide you through this procedure:

  1. Insert an audio CD into the BR-1200CD's CD-R/RW drive. The CD drive's access (yellow) indicator will begin to flash. Wait until this indicator stops flashing and is unlit before proceeding.

  2. Press the AUDIO CD WRITE/PLAY button.

  3. Press F2(PLAY).

  4. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial to choose the CD track number of the song to be imported.

  5. Press F3(IMPORT).

  6. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial to select the audio track(s) destination that you wish to import the song to. (e.g. "1/2-1" will import the CD song onto Tracks 1 and 2 Virtual Track 1).

  7. Press ENTER/YES. When "Complete!" appears in the display, the import procedure has been successfully completed.
    Note: Songs from an audio CD must be imported individually.