TD-9SX, TD-9S, TD-9: The Scope Function

Tags: td-9,td-9s,td-9sx
The "Scope" Function is a feature that allows you to see the notes of your performance while playing along with a metronome. This on-screen view shows if you are ahead or behind the beat, and is a great exercise for your timing. Here's how to use it:

1. Press the KIT button so it's lit.

2. Press the SCOPE button so it's lit. The metronome click will begin to play.

3. Hold SHIFT and press CLICK[TEMPO], and then turn the VALUE dial to adjust the tempo.

4. Press SCOPE.

5. Play on the pads with the metronome and watch the display. Each vertical dotted line represents a beat.
Press F2 [ZOOM -] to magnify the view. Press F3[ZOOM +] to expand it.

If each of the hits from your performance fall on the vertical lines, you're playing in time.

7. Press KIT when you're finished with the Scope function.