MICRO BR: SYMPTOM: Receiving "Drive Busy" Message

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Receiving a "Drive Busy" message indicates that the compact flash card has accumulated fragmentation or an incompatible card is being used. We recommend backing up all of your data and then initializing the memory card to clear out the fragmentation. To avoid receiving this message, initialize the memory card every 3 months if the unit is being used constantly or every 6 months if the unit is being used only occasionally. The following steps will guide you through the Song Backup, Card Initialize and Song Recover procedures.
Note: This message can also occur if an incompatible card is being used over time. The following is SD card guidelines:
SD Card Guidelines

  1. Perform the Song Backup procedure using the following article:
    Song Backup
  2. Initialize the memory card:
    Card Initialize
  3. Restore the backup from the computer:
    Song Restore

If the problem continues, the following is additional troubleshooting:

  • If you're using a power supply, be sure that you're using a BOSS PSA-120S or PSA-120T power supply only--3rd party power supplies can cause the unit to not operate properly.
  • If you are using batteries, try using brand new, unused batteries for troubleshooting purposes--Alkaline batteries are recommended.
  • The memory card may be malfunctioning and need to be replaced:
    SD Card Guidelines