EF-303: Connecting the EF-303 to a Sound Source

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Use the following procedure to connect the EF-303 to a turntable or CD player:

1. Turn the INPUT, OUTPUT and PHONES knobs all the way down to MIN.

2. Make sure the EFFECT GRAB switch is set to OFF, and that the EFFECT BALANCE knob is set to DIRECT.

3. On the back of the EF-303, move the SOURCE SELECT switch to a setting appropriate for the sound device you.re using:

PHONO Turntable
LINE Synth, sound module, CD, etc.
MIC Microphone

4. Connect the sound device to the left and right INPUT jacks on the back of the EF-303.

Note: When using a turntable, connect a ground cable to the GND connector on the back of the EF-303.

5. Press Play on the sound device. Slowly turn up the EF-303.s INPUT knob until the signal just barely lights its PEAK indicator.

6. Now slowly turn up the PHONES or OUTPUT knobs to the desired level in your headphones or speakers.