R-70: Assigning Individual Outputs

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To use individual outputs on a R-70 you will have to sacrifice the digital
effects. Output 1 is linked to the Delay or Reverb effects processor and
Output 2 is linked to Chorus. Use the following procedure to change the R-70
to individual output mode:

1) Press the MIXER button.
2) Use the CURSOR arrow buttons to select [Output/Effects] on the display.
3) Use the VALUE arrow buttons to select [IND1:IND2] on the display
4) Press EXIT to return to play mode

Now that you have the individual outputs activated, you will need to assign
sounds to the individual outputs one at a time. This is also done in the MIXER
section, but you will need to have the sounds that you are going to set to
individual outputs assigned to pads before you can access them in the Mixer.
Here is how you assign sounds to individual outs:

1) Press the MIXER button
2) CURSOR to the parameter in parenthesis. This parameter will be one of the
following:[Volume, Output, FX1 Send, or FX2 Send]
3) VALUE to [Output].
4) Tap the pad with the desired sound you want to assign to an individual
5) Use the VALUE buttons to select the desired Individual Out [1] or [2].

The sound is now assigned to one of the two individual outputs. Now you will
need to take the sound completely out of the Mixed outputs and set the FX Send

1) Set the parameter in the parenthesis to [Vol] and set its value to [0]. The
FX Send levels are now the volume levels for the individual outputs.
2) Set the display to [FX1Send] or [FX2Send ] and VALUE the FX Send Volume to
the desired level, [15] being the highest.
3) Press Exit.