CD-2u: SD Card Compatibility List

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The following is a list of guidelines to help you choose a compatible SD memory card for the CD-2e:

  • SD or SDHC cards up to a maximum of 16 GB. (SDXC cards are not supported).
    NOTE: microSD cards are not recommended.
  • Before you use an SD memory card in the CD-2u, be sure to initialize it in the card first. Failure to initialize may result in the card being inoperable or not functioning properly.
  • Class 2 or Class 4 cards recommended--as these were the cards tested with the CD-2u. However, there have not been reports of higher Classes not working.
    NOTE: There is no difference in audio quality or performance using different card Classes.
  • Low-cost or off-brand SD cards might not perform properly on the CD-2u. Using name brands such as Panasonic, SanDisk, TOSHIBA, and Kingston is recommended.
  • Roland does not manufacture or sell these cards. However, cards can be purchased from most computer or electronic stores or online. For example: You can search on Google Shopping for "SDHC 16GB card" or "SD 2GB card" depending on your budget.