RC-505: Specifying which Tracks are Started when Pressing the ALL START/STOP Button

Tags: play,all

You can specify which tracks will play (start) when pressing the ALL START/STOP button on the RC-505. This is convenient when you want a specific group of tracks to start simultaneously when pressing the button. Here's how to specify which tracks will start.

1. Choose a memory location to edit.

2. Press the parameter right button to select the "Play: All Start" screen.

3. Press the parameter left or right button to move the cursor under the track you want to specify.

4. Turn the MEMORY / VALUE knob to select "O" or  " - " . When set to "O,"  the selected track will start when the ALL START/ STOP button is pressed. The track will not start when " - " is selected.

5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for each of the other tracks as desired.

6. When you're finished, press WRITE twice to save the settings to the memory.