V-Synth: Playing Arpeggios (Arpeggiator)

Tags: v-synth
The V-Synth provides an automatic arpeggio function (Arpeggiator). When you turn on the arpeggiator and hold down chords on the keyboard, arpeggios are produced automatically. Use the following procedure to experiment with the arpeggiator:

1. Select Patch “002 Harp Trek”. (The arpeggiator will turn on and the ARPEGGIO [ON/OFF] indicator will light, and since this patch is set to Arpeggiator Hold, the HOLD indicator will light).

2. Play a chord on the keyboard. The arpeggio continues sounding even after you take your hand off the keyboard due to the Hold feature. (You can press the HOLD button to turn this off).

3. To change the tempo of the arpeggiator, turn the ARPEGGIO [TEMPO] knob.

4. To deactivate the arpeggiator, press the ARPEGGIO [ON/OFF] button so it is not lit.