VS-2400, VS-2480: Creating A Fader Group

Tags: vs-2400,vs-2480,fader,group
Fader Groups allow you to link faders for multiple channels (or record tracks) so that you can simultaneously control the levels for all of them at once.

For example, this comes in handy if you're mixing a song that has live drums recorded on 8 tracks. You've already set the relative levels for all of the tracks so that the drums sound good as a whole. If you set up a fader group for the drums, you can control the overall level of all of the drum tracks as a unit by just moving one of the faders.

1. Adjust fader levels to your liking for the tracks or channels that you want to include in the fader group.

2. Press the [CH EDIT] button for the first track/channel that will be in the group?

3. Press the [ARROW/CURSOR] buttons to navigate to the GROUP box on the screen.

4. Use the [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to change "OFF" to number 1.

5. For the other tracks/channels that you want to include repeat steps 2 through 4.

NOTE : If you want to create another fader group, then use a different GROUP number for those faders.

6. Now, if you move one of the faders in the group that you've created, all of the faders of that group will move together while still keeping the relative balance between them.

NOTE : If you want to change the level of one of the faders in the group without affecting the other tracks/channels in the group, you can temporarily remove it from the group to make adjustments. Press [CLEAR], then move the fader to the desired position. Once you've made the change, let go of [CLEAR] and the fader will be a part of the fader group again.