DR-880: Groove Modify

Tags: edit,dr-880,manipulate
The DR-880's Groove Modify feature lets you manipulate the rhythmic nature or volume dynamics of any recorded pattern. There are three types of Groove Modify: Velocity, Ghost Note and Shuffle. As an example, we’ll use Ghost Note Modify on Preset Pattern 101 Standard Hard.

1. Select Pattern 101 Standard Hard.

2. Press Play to listen to the pattern.

3. Press the GROOVE button.

4. Press CURSOR < and/or > to select GHOST NOTE.

5. Press ENTER—the pattern stops.

6. Press CURSOR Down once.

7. Press Play again to start the pattern.

8. Turn the VALUE dial to select the desired template.

9. Press CURSOR Down to select the Depth value.

10. Turn the VALUE dial to adjust the depth of the ghost-note effect. A lower depth value will produce a minimal ghost-note effect, while a higher value will make the ghost-note effect more noticeable.

11. When you're finished, press Stop, and then EXIT twice to return to the main pattern menu.