BR-1180, BR-1180CD: Insert Effects and Loop Effects

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What is an insert effect?

An effect that is applied directly to a specific signal line (in the case of the BR-1180/1180CD, an input instrument or mic, or a playback track) is called an insert effect. The effect pedals that a guitarist connects between his guitar and amp are a type of insert effect. Loop effects, on the other hand, are effects connected to the send/return jack of mixers and other similar devices.

What is a loop effect?

Effects connected to the send and return of mixer effects are called “loop effects.” You can adjust the depth of the effect by changing the send level of each mixer channel (equivalent to the tracks of the BR-1180/1180CD). Since the send levels for each track are separate, you can change the depth individually. This allows you to, for example, have a deep reverb on the vocals and slight reverb on the drums, or any such combination. Opposed to insert effects, which are applied to specific sounds, loop effects are applied to the complete track.