VS-1680: How to access the Mastering Room

Tags: vs-1680,mixdown,tracks,mastering,room
The VS-1680's Mastering Room allows you to create a final master mix that can be burned onto your original audio CD. This process also gives you the flexibility to mix all 16 tracks down to any two open tracks and V-tracks as your Left and Right "mastering tracks." Unlike its successors the VS-1680 does not have a dedicated CD-RW/MASTERING button.

To access the VS-1680 Mastering Room for mixdown perform the following procedure:

1. Press the MASTER/EDIT SOLO button to access your Master screen.

2. Cursor to the lower right hand box labled M. TRACK STAT. Once highlighted the ENTER/YES button will flash.

3. Press the ENTER/YES button. You should see the words "Mastering Room" beneath the ABS time.

4. Change the STATUS box by rotating the TIME/VALUE knob to display REC.

5. Set the desired Left and Right Tracks. These are your "destination tracks" which will serve as the tracks you are recording to in the Mastering Room. It automatically defaults to 15-16 and 16-16 to left and right tracks respectively. You have the flexibility to change these tracks to any two open tracks.

6. Set the AFTER REC box to TO ZERO. This represents where the recording will start regardless of where the playback starts.

7. Set the MARKER box to OFF.

8. Set the EFXINS box to OFF unless you want to use the MTK effects. If you wish to use the MTK effects highlight the EFXINS box then press yes. Select the desired MTK effect. You will see a number 1 in the box.

9. Press the PLAY and RECORD button on the unit. This will record the designated left and right final master tracks.

10. Press STOP to end recording and change STATUS to PLAY to playback your two track recording.