DD-20: Setting the Output Mode

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When using the DD-20 while connected to a guitar or bass amp, mixer, or multitrack recorder SEND/RETURN, you can set the output level and method of output from the OUTPUT jacks (A: Direct Sound/B: Effect Sound) to match the device that the DD-20 is connected to.

1. Switch off the power.

2. While holding down the ON/OFF pedal, switch on the power.
- The output mode setting is indicated in the display, and the MEMORY 1–4 indicator corresponding to the current setting flashes.

3. Choose the desired output mode pressing the SELECT button.
MODE 1 = Stereo Output / -20dBu.
MODE 2 = A: Direct Sound / B: Effect Sound, -20dB
Mode 3 = Stereo Output / +4dBu
Mode 4 = A: Direct Sound / B: Effect Sound, +4dB

4. Press WRITE - The MEMORY number indicator flashes briefly and the new setting is stored.

* To cancel the setting, press the ON/OFF pedal before pressing the WRITE button.