VG-8: Variable Guitar Modeling (VGM)

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Four VGM algorithms are available: Amp Mono, Amp Poly, Pedal & Amp, and Pedal
Stereo. The algorithm is shown at the top of the LCD. Nine VGM components are
used in different combinations in different algorithms: Pickup (selection,
placement, and angle), Amp (selection, tone & volume controls), Speaker
(cabinet selection), Mic (selection and placement), Pedal (models of five
different BOSS pedals), Poly Manager (polyphonic amp and pedal distortion), Pan
(per string), Pitch Shift (per string), and Noise Suppression. Preset A53
"JazzITup" is a good starting point for experimenting:

1. Press PLAY and use the VALUE dial to select Preset A53 "JazzITup".
2. Press INST to begin Instrument Editing.
3. Select F1 to edit the pickup settings.
4. Preset A53 uses a 'vari' model with two pickups - press PAGE to select
pickup type, position, angle, and phase. Press PAGE again to select the other
5. Press INSTRUMENT, then F6 to edit Speaker & Mic.
6. Select a speaker type - press F1 repeatedly or press F1 and use the VALUE
7. Press F3 and select a mic type.
8. Press F5 and select mic placement.
9. Press INST to return to the edit menu and continue experimenting. Watch for
a lit PAGE LED, then press the PAGE button to see all edit options.