VS-2000CD: Drive Select - Mouse

Tags: drive,vs-2000cd,partition
The 40 Gigabyte Hard Drive in the VS-2000CD is divided into four partitions. IDE:0, 1, 2, and 3. The following is the procedure for selecting, or changing partitions when using the Mouse with the optional VGA Monitor.

1. Click on PROJECT.

2. Click on PROJECT LIST.

3. Click on the IDE:x partition you want to select.

4. Click on F6, LIST. "Change Current Drive to IDE:x,
Sure?" will appear in the display.

4. Click YES. "STORE Current?" will appear in the display.

5. Click YES. "Now Working, Please Wait..." will be

When the process is complete, the display will return to
the Project List screen. Select a project or click on HOME to exit and return to the main display screen.