MV-8800: Using the MV-8800 with the Integra-7 SuperNATURAL Sound Module

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You can connect the MV-8800 to an Integra-7 SuperNATURAL Sound Module to add the over 6,000 sounds of the Integra-7 to the internal patches, sampling capabilities, and powerful sequencing engine of the MV.


MIDI Setup

Connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT A of the MV-8800 to the MIDI IN of the Integra-7.


Audio Setup

Using 1/4" cables, connect the OUTPUT A (MIX) outputs of the Integra-7 to the L and R MIC/LINE inputs on the MV-8800. Turn up the L and R SENS knobs to blend the Integra-7's sound with the MV-8000. This setup allows you to not only monitor the Integra-7, but also record it to audio tracks if you like.


On The MV-8800:

  1. From the main Song or Pattern screen, CURSOR UP or DOWN to select any MIDI track.
  2. Press F2 (Track Param). Turn "Output Assign" off.
  3. In the "MIDI" field, select the desired Integra-7 part. Select A-1 to transmit notes to part 1 (MIDI Channel 1) in the Integra-7, A-2 to transmit notes to part 2, A-3 to transmit notes to part 3, and so on. You can also enter Program Change (PC) and Bank Select (MSB & LSB) messages here if desired.


Selecting Sounds In The Integra-7:

There are two ways to select sounds - using the front panel of the Integra-7, or using MIDI messages (PC, Bank MSB and LSB) from the MV-8800. The advantage of selecting sounds from the MV-8000 is that these settings are saved with your song, so they are recalled automatically whenever you re-load your song. The advantage of selecting sounds from the Integra-7 front panel is that is often quicker and easier.

  • Selecting sounds from the Integra-7 Front Panel. User the Part </> buttons to select the desired Part (MIDI Channel) you wish to choose a sound for, then press the Tone Finder button. You can now use the </> buttons and the Value Dial to select any sound in the Integra-7.
  • Selecting sounds from the MV-8800 (via MIDI). Use the Tone List chart in the Integra-7 Sound List manual to locate the Bank MSB, Bank LSB, and PC numbers for the specific sound you wish to select, then enter these numbers in the Track Parameter screen on the MV-8000 (see step 3 above).


You can now create MIDI tracks on the MV-8800 and play back up to 16 different sounds (on MIDI channels A1-A16) in the Integra-7. This is addition to the 16 parts and the 10 Audio Tracks available in the MV-8800 itself.