TD-10: Assigning MIDI Note #s to Triggers (Instruments) within a Kit

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TD-10 instruments respond to incoming MIDI Note messages according to the Note
number values set for each of the 24 triggers (12 Heads, 12 Rims) within each
of the 50 drum "Kits". Each trigger can have a single instrument sound
assigned to it. Access to additional instruments is provided by the assignment
of one of the TD-10’s 4 "Percussion Groups" to each Kit (For more information
on Percussion Groups, select "Editing Percussion Groups" from the TD-10 Topics

Use the following procedure to edit a Note number assigned to a trigger within
a Kit:

1) Select the desired Kit for editing using the VALUE dial, or DEC/- & INC/+
2) Press INST followed by F4 twice to access the Kit’s MIDI parameters.
3) Select the desired Head or Rim trigger using the TRIG SELECT buttons noting
the value highlighted at the top center of the display.
4) Cursor to the right of "Note No." and select the desired Note number value
using the VALUE dial, or DEC/- & INC/+ buttons.
5) Repeat steps 3-4 as needed.
6) Press KIT to return to the Play Mode.

NOTE: The Note number assigned to the Hi-Hat (Trigger H7), represents an Open
Hi-Hat sound. The Note numbers used for the Pedal Hi-Hat and Closed Hi-Hat
sounds are set at a fixed relationship to the one Note number set for Trigger
H7. The value for Pedal Hi-Hat is 2 less than H7, and the Closed Hi-Hat is 4
less than H7. For example, the Note number value set for H7 (Open Hi-Hat) in
the factory Patches is 46. So the Note number for the Pedal Hi-Hat would be 44,
and the number for Closed Hi-Hat would be 42.