JV-90: Setting up a split with the JV-90 Internal and the VE-JV1 sounds.

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The JV-90 was not designed to use both internal and V-EXP sounds at the same
time. However, you can trick it into doing this. As an example, here are the
settings for an internal bass sound split with a piano sound from the VE-JV1:

1) Connect a MIDI cable from the JV-90 MIDI OUT to V-EXP MIDI IN and set the
MIDI in switch to EXT.
3) Press EDIT.
4) Press COMMON.
5) Cursor to KEY MODE and set to ZONE.
6) Press INT ZONE.
7) Set Key Range for internal sound (e.g. part 1 lower C-1 and upper B3).
8) Cursor down to LOCAL SWITCH and turn on the internal part (part 1 on, all
others off).
9) Press PART and select the internal sound (part 1, PRB-11; Woody Bass 1).
10) Press TX ZONE.
11) Set Key Range for external sound (part 2 lower C4 and upper G9).
12) Cursor down to TRANSMIT PROGRAM CHANGE and set the sound (part 2, PRA-11,
A. Piano).
13) Cursor down to TRANSMIT SWITCH and turn on the external part (part 2 on,
all others off).