S-760: Installing the OP-760 into the S-760

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Use the following procedure to install the OP-760-01 expansion board into the
S-760 Sampler:

1) Unplug the S-760 from the AC power outlet.
2) Remove the outer case and the rear blank panel. Be sure to set aside the
screws that you have removed from the rear blank plate.
3) Place the OP-760 Video Board in the empty location at the rear section of
the Sampler with the outputs facing out of the rear panel.
4) Use the 4 posts to screw down the Video board.
5) Gently inset the plastic connector from the main board into the slot on the
Video board.
6) Screw down the main board with the 3x6 screws.
7) Remove the two screws that secure the mouse jack on the rear panel of the
video board. Place the expansion cover over the ports on the video board and
install the two screws that you just removed to attach the expansion board
cover to the mouse port.
8) Install the 3x8 screw to tighten down the option board cover.
9) Use the screws that you removed in step 2 to tighten down the sides of the
option board.
10) Reattach the outer casing.