RG-1F - How to Save Your Setting in a User Program


The RG-1F has 36 User Program memory locations that you can use to store your favorite settings. Use the following procedure to save your current settings in a User Program:

NOTE: First make the settings that you want to store.

1. Press the PIANO DESIGNER button so it is lit.

2. Use the UP / DOWN ARROW buttons to select "6. User Program."

3. Press the flashing SONG / ENTER button.

4. Use the UP / DOWN ARROW buttons to select "Write" and press the flashing ENTER button.

NOTE: The menu will display "USER PROGRAM WRITE, Write to UPG 01."

5. Use the + / - buttons to select a USER PROGRAM memory location for storing your current settings.

NOTE: Be sure to select a memory location that you have not previously used.

6. Press the flashing ENTER button to display "USER PROGRAM WRITE, Are you sure?"

7. Press ENTER again. The display will show  "Executing..." for a few seconds.

8. After the display has returned to the "USER PROGRAM WRITE" screen, press PIANO DESIGNER several times so that it is not lit.