JUPITER-50: Connecting the iPad JP Synth Editor Application Using the WNA1100-RL (Wireless)

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The Jupiter-50 can connect  to an Apple iPad (r) using the Roland WNA1100-RL Wireless USB Adapter (requires system version 1.10 or later). Use the following procedure to set up this connection using the "Ad-Hoc" mode:

Wireless settings in the Jupiter-50

1. Connect the WNA1100-RL to the USB Memory connector on the front panel of the Jupiter-50.

2. Press MENU.

3. Press F6 (WIRELESS).

4. Press F3 (OPTIONS).

5. CURSOR to "Ad-Hoc Mode" and use the Value Dial to select "ON."

6. Press EXIT

Verify the following settings:

"AD-HOC MODE" is displayed

Ad-Hoc SSID is set to "Jupiter-50"

Ad-Hoc Key is set to "xxxxx" (this is set differently for each Jupiter-50)

Connect to the iPad

1. Start up the iPad and select the "Settings" icon.

2. Select "Wi-Fi."

3. Under "Choose a Network," select "Jupiter-50." A password box will pop up - enter the 5-digit number from the Jupiter-50 (Ad-Hoc key), then touch "Join."

The iPad is now connected wirelessly to the Jupiter-50.

Setting Up the JP Synth Editor

1. Start the JP Synth Editor.

2. Touch the gears icon in the upper right hand corner of the application to open the settings window.

3. Under 'Choose a device," touch "Jupiter-50."

You should now be able to use the editor to control the Jupiter-50.