BR-1180, BR-1180CD: Synching an External Device to the BR-1180 Using MIDI Clock

Tags: time,midi,clock,sync,synch,code

The following will guide you through setting up the BR-1180CD as a Master device to control an external device (such as a keyboard or drum machine) via MIDI Clock.

  1. Connect a MIDI cable to the MIDI OUT of the BR-1180CD.
  2. Connect the other end of the MIDI cable to the MIDI IN of the external device.
  3. On the BR-1180, press [UTILITY].
  4. Use [CURSOR] to select the “SYNC” icon, and press [ENTER].
  5. Use the TIME VALUE dial to set "Gen." to "MIDI CLOCK". Leave all other settings at their default.
  6. Press [EXIT] repeatedly to return to the top screen.
  7. Setup the external device (keyboard, drum machine, etc) to slave to MIDI CLOCK. Check the documentation of the external device for these instructions.
  8. Prepare your MIDI sequencer to play back MIDI song data. This may be simply pressing the PLAY button on the external device so that it pauses and waits for an incoming MIDI TIME CODE signal from the BR-1180.
  9. Press PLAY on the BR-1180. When the BR-1180 begins playing, the MIDI sequencer will also begin playing in sync with it.